Xander Win the Tournament of Champions

Xander wins the TOC

Xander Schauffelee started on Sunday with six shots from leader Gary Woodland. The "X-man" started with the first hole, but eight birdies and two eagles helped him sign a card with 62 strokes to win the tournament.

Xander will occupy the number 6 position in the world ranking - the best ranking of his career.

Video with the action of Sunday.

The New Rules Make his Debut

To begin with, it has been a bit unnoticed that the PGA Tour has changed the rules IN A HALF of its season. The most controversial rule is to leave the flag in the hole in putts. It is clear that this rule was not planned very well since they had in mind amateur player and not the professional.

Very likely to make changes as standardize the flags used in the Tour or make local rule so that each tournament (or all) can prohibit the putts with the flag in the hole.

Why would you need to standardize? Bryson DeChambeau, who headed the category of Strokes GainedPutting for two days, has stated that, depending on the coefficient of restitution of the flag, it is advisable to leave the flag in the hole. In other words, it depends on how much the ball bounces on the flag.

And the rule localseria a patch to a reality more and more evident: you need two regulations in golf, one professional and one for amateurs. It also applies to the equipment, but we leave that for another day. What do you think will happen in the Masters?

Other Notes

Mito Periera won the Cachagua Open in Chile with a score of 62 and -23 in total. Mito lost status on the Web.com and plans to compete on the PGA Tour Latin America to return to the PGA Tour prelude.

Lucy Li, the young woman who ranks 9th in the amateur ranking, appears in a brand ad Manzana. Apparently, the family says they did not receive payment, but the USGA is investigating since it could still break the regulation.

The following week returns the regular activity with full field to the Sony Open. Latinos in the fieldson: Abraham Ancer, Julián Etulain, Emiliano Grillo, Fabián Gómez, Sebastián Muñoz, Carlos Ortiz and Camarón Rodríguez.

Bobby Diaz is the first on the list of alternatives, so he can see action. That is why it is important to have a good fall to maximize participation in tournaments.