Weekly Fang: April 30, 2018

Shrimp Shrimp to PGA Tour

Rodriguez shrimp won a triumph that is worth pure gold and brings it closer to the golf circuit. While it has good chances of winning the card, it is very important to close strong to be above the merit order and have access to more events.

The shrimp survived a very difficult court of architect Fazio, famous for design difficult and punishing fields. As an old sea dog, Rodriguez negotiated with the difficulties of the field very well for four days and came out triumphant.

Very emotional the celebration immediately after putting the winning putt, Rodriguez looked at the sky towards his father.

Lyda seals title with ... wood

While Lydia Ko is recognized for her short game with the wedges, the shot that closed the playoff win over Minjee Lee was a 3 wood from 230 yards that almost fell for albatross.

Immediately after the putt fell, it was seen as the weight was off the shoulders. It is hard to see that he has not won in a while.

Horshel and Piercy win together and scrambled

In New Orleans under a team format, he won the pair of Horschel and Piercy. The detail to highlight was that the format of Sunday, unlike last year, was the alternate shot. This hastened the pace of the game and put more pressure on the two players.

Congratulations to Pepa Campra

By the way, in Piercy's bag is Pepa Campra. Very happy for the Argentine, whom we had the opportunity to interview a week ago in our podcast.

The triumphs are easy, but the sacrifices behind these sometimes go unnoticed. José Luis Campra is a professional and to make it a caddy in the Tour always requires great sacrifices like being away from home and family for weeks at a time.

That's why we wish Jose congratulations Luis Pepa Campra. Congratulations!

What's coming

  • The LPGA is still flying the fence with the fields where its tournaments are played. This week the tour goes to Texas where they will play a field with the idea of ​​the design of yesteryear in mind, where there are wide fairways with one right and one wrong side, determined by the flag of the day. See here the hole field guide for today with strategy notes. The players will have to throw coconut.
  • On the opposite side, the PGA Tour stops in Charlotte, where we will see a field without much strategy. The 18th hole, for example, is an example where taking the risk does not give you any advantage.
  • The Web and the European Tour rest
  • PGA Tour Latin America goes to Jamaica