Weekly Fang: April 2, 2018

Poulter takes a ticket to the Masters about the time

With the knife between the teeth, Poulter tied the tournament with a great putt and then took the mistake of Hossler to take the win and win the ticket to the Masters of last minute. By the way, assume that you will be at the Ryder.

Grillo shines with Top 3

Little by little the Argentine is consolidating. He needs little to enter the top 50 of the world ranking. Emiliano still has days when the putter is turned on. The statistics of your week:

  • Departure distance: 282 yards
  • Fairways successful: 76%
  • GIR: 72%
  • Hitting with the putter: 1.33 (2.5 on Sunday)

Ancer takes top 10

The Turk showed that he is not far from being able to win. He only needed to put more putts, but there were plenty of opportunities that is important. Your statistics:

  • Departure distance: 286 yards
  • Fairways hit: 69%
  • GIR: 79%
  • Strikes won with the putter: 0.02

Fedex points that are worth gold

Both Bobby Diaz and Abraham Ancer reaped Fedex points that are what count to retain the card. So far, Abraham jumped from position 99 to 81. Bobby Díaz went from box 167 to 161.

At the end of the season, the goal is to be within the first 75. There are other avenues to retain the card, like going to the end of the web - but these points are worth a lot.

Lindberg takes the caste

The conclusion of the first major of the LPGA was affected by the lack of light on Sunday, so the tournament had to end on Monday morning.

Hit the LPGA for playing the same par 5 in tiebreaker again and again. Of loss it is necessary to put a pair 5 where there is the possibility d of arriving the green in two. This 18th hole made three shots for all the playoff contenders. Better they would have put a tee from the 100 yards.

The highlight was taken by Linderberg, who had never won anything in his career. With great warmth I put an infinity of long putts for par. Well deserved the win!

Mexicans in the Field

Gaby Lopez, who come back from an injury, ended up in position T55 and Maria Fassi, invited as a fan did not overcome the worst cut sure this experience will serve you in your future.