The 2018 Open: Highlights

It was the third major of the year and the tournament left us the Open. For some time we did not see a major with so many outstanding names fighting the victory. The Open of recent years has given us better moments than the other Majors, including the Masters.

The highlight of the tournament:

The team that did not arrive

Jony Vegas with Visa problems arrived last minute by helicopter and played with batons that armed him right there. Curious that Graeme McDowell did not get the sticks qualy q and opted not to play. By the way, does not the Vegas agent have the due dates of his documents scheduled?


The fescue in Scotland is a good example of the type of penalty kicks wrong. that a field must present. What I like most about this fescue is that it gives a chance of recovery, although an extraordinary shot is needed or it limits your options and if you try to do more, it will punish you. It's a half-shot penalty. We saw impressive shots from this tall grass and we also saw what it cost Tiger in the final straight.

Variety of shots, variety of styles

And speaking of the field, the beauty of the Link style is that it gives you options and allows each player to use their style of play. We saw drivers, woods and long irons from the exits. It allows you to deal with your bunkers as you like, but if you want to score well, you have to deal with danger.

A links field asks you to think about your strategy and execution. Unlike the modern parkland type field - where the strategy is one and only asks you for the execution.

Fast fairways, "slow" greens

Dry, firm and fast fws make that players have to think not only where the ball is going to land, but where it is going to run. It is an art to control trajectory, spin, and what the ball rolls.

The greens were slow compared to other events. They measured around 10 in the stimpmeter. Did anyone miss the fast greens? This allowed to put very interesting flags in places where speeds of higher greens can not be put.

The rhythm of game

Quite refreshing to see that was played below 4 hours first three days and on average 4:15 minutes on Sunday. The difference? The R & A does not shake his hand in enforcing the regulation.

The group of Spieth and Schauffele put them on notice and definitely influenced their performance. What happens is that Spieth is used to never being told anything on the PGA Tour.

Molinari - no mistakes, no contract team

To stand out the champion, did not blink at all weekend. Presented clean cards without bogeys. Molinari brings an impressive form. An extraordinary ball puncher, he just lacked the putter to get these types of results.

By the way, it's another ex-Nike athlete who does not have a contract. He looked for what suited him best and ended up playing almost all Taylormade, Pro V1x ball and putter, the only one with contract, Bettinardi.

The old Tiger peeked

The shot that left the skin chinita was taken from the bunker of Tiger in the 10. It was like the Tiger of yesteryear. If Tiger had won, this shot goes down in history as his Top 10 shot. It's a shot that practically nobody is able to do or to be encouraged to do in those circumstances.