Recap of the Masters 2018

Emotions Sunday

One of the most anticipated Masters had a memorable Sunday , with tremendous comebacks from Spieth and Rickie, a McIlroy who fell and a Reed, who with a dose of luck and many guts hung up his green jacket.

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Patrick Reed: the player

It is very important to separate the player from the person when talking about Patrick Reed.

The key to his victory? Finding a way to paste a fade. Reed is a player who always hits a draw that sometimes seems more like a hook. Although this ball flight favors Augusta, there are several exits and flags where you need a fade.

With little naturalness, again and again you saw that fade with a helicopter finish. Remember that the greens of ANGC receive fade shots better because they are higher with more spin.

The other key? His team. Without a contract he plays with what he likes most since he has 6 brands in his bag. Ping driver, Nike wood, driving iron Titleist, Callaway and Odissey rods and putter and Artisan wedges who knows where they get.

The current US Open champion, Brooks Koepka, also won with a bag. Each time more players are who prefer to play what suits them since they see more benefit in winning better money with better results within the fields.

Finally, the champions always have a dose of luck , the ball that fell short in the 13th and the putt that hit the flag were fundamental. Even so, fair winner.

Patrick Reed: the person

Quite controversial, Reed started his professional career with his left foot by proclaiming himself one of the best five players in the world. . The shadow of his past does not leave him in peace since he has accusations of theft and cheating in his collegiate time.

Add that he is fighting with his parents - who were not invited to his wedding and whom They live in Augusta. They were not invited to the tournament and they had to watch their son win his first Major from very far away, even though physically they were a couple of kilometers away.

At the press conference he was asked, "What do you feel?" have your family present? His response: "I'm here to play and win golf tournaments."

The funny thing is that in golf the bad things of players almost never go on the air - the PGA Tour has as a rule not to make public his punishments - so we would not be surprised to know Mr. Reed's worst things if they hit the air.

The Highlights:

Jordan Spieth

Tremendous comeback armed on Sunday. He said he never noticed the board (there are players who prefer not to notice).

Also, great the talk that was heard with his caddy in the second shot of the 13th hole.

Spieth wanted to hit iron 4 and Greller convinced him to choose the hybrid. It was appreciated how they discussed the wind, where they could err and commitment to the decision made between the two.

Proof of how narrow the exit of today 18 is where the Spieth drive hit the trees.He was my pick to win the Masters and was a stroke away from the playoff.

A belittled part of the Fowler game: how good it is with the putt within 10 feet. He hits with a confidence and aggressiveness not seen at the highest level.

Tony Finau

After dislocating his ankle and fix it himself, Tony finished with a top 10 in his first Masters - where the newbies struggle a lot.

This is a man. Do you think that other players have played with this injury? Greetings to Jason Day.

Tony, is a neighborhood kid who grew up playing in public courts in Salt Lake City. In the winters, the dad put a mattress in his garage where he was hit from a piece of cardboard on the floor. He then went to Las Vegas to play "Money Games" betting more than he had in his pocket.

Recap of the Masters 2018

Joaquin Niemman

The Chilean could not overcome the cut and continues the streak of champions of the LAAC that is not going well. The good thing is that he had to play with an old sea dog like Fred Couples who knows all of them in that place. I hope you have taken note of Fred's field strategy.

Fred Couples

There are rumors that not only this was his last Masters, but his last competitive round. Apparently his back is in very bad condition.

Adam Scott

The one who is lost not only with the putter but with his swing is Adam Scott. One of the tightest swings in history has been working with George Gankas - who is slowly building a revolution in teaching swing.

Scott's original swing is the most beautiful swing there is. The philosophy of Gankas also pleases me - especially with the modern team as it preaches an aggressive rotation during the impact.

The combination of these two leaves me in doubt.

Instagram Gankas.

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