Old hills

Phil took the AT & T ProAm that had to end on Monday morning. This triumph marks the 5th title of Phil in Pebble - site that will host the US Open this year, the only major that Phil needs to complete the Grand Slam.

Phil wanted to finish it round on Sunday even though They had six minutes of light to finish two hours. Paul Casey refused to continue playing even though Phil was insisting. Good for him since any other rookie could have yielded since a figure like the lefty imposes.

Phil earned his style worthy, taking risks everywhere, which inclined the inertia to his favor. And for those who say they could complete the Grand Slam this summer, the field will be much better and the field another. Pebble was soaked and super smooth, expect to see a very firm and fast field for the US Open.

The Pro-Am Format

Pebble looks very good on television, but for the golf fans, the product on TV is abysmal. I have not the remotest interest in seeing the horrible swings of amateurs or the thrashing Bill Murray.

The other aspect that the ProAm brings is one of the worst rhythms of the game. With rounds that lasted 6 hours, they had to finish on Monday after they had delays due to weather. As a solution, the ProAm portion should conclude on Saturday.

Latinos in the Field

Old hills

The Future of Golf: The Vic Open

This event should be a good formula for the PGA Tour in the future. The Vic Open was sanctioned by the European Tour and the LPGA and the money bag was the same. Very father see the players in the same field as they play different styles, damasatacaron with surgical precision while men tended to take more risks to have more distance in their outputs.

Even so, the campofirme and quick gave the chance that the best shots were rewarded and mediocre shots punished. A par 3 of 100 meters gave them enough battle to all and the hole 18, a par 5, gave opportunity for eagles and birdies.

The French Celine Boutier won the women's competition and the Scott David Law won with an eagle on the 18th hole. David Law is a sample of the honor that a player must have to overcome challenges when going through a rachamala. Last summer he tweeted this when he won a Challenge Tour event:

The Country Canalero Lucio in the Web

Michael Gligic won the Web that took place in Panama. Our friend Carlos Vélez was very attentive in the event.

Colombian Nicolás Echavarría finished T7 and Oscar Fraustro finished T12.