Mexican Flag in the Masters

Álvaro Ortiz wins the LAAC and a ticket to the Masters

Finally we will have a Mexican back in the Masters. Álvaro had knocked on the door in previous editions. Golf is a matter of percentages, of so many chances that had occurred, the triumph had to fall.

El Tapatio opened and closed the tournament with cards of 66. On Sunday he was in control and never loosened. close pursuer, the tico * Gagne lost the tournament on the 17th hole, unpar 4 short. Gagne opted to go out with layup and went to the bunker. He ended up doing bogey in a hole that needed to make birdie or par.

Gagne's mistake was a matter of the calculation of the distance, apparently aimed at that trap with an iron that could not reach him. He failed the calculation of terrenofirme and the wind in favor.

* Apparently, Gagne grew up in the USA and not even Spanish speaks.

Adam Long wins in the desert

Golf is unique because it gives dream stories. Long is a rookie of over thirty who has been scratching him on minitours and the Web his entire career. With his triumph in the desert he took more than a million dollars.

Proof of the dims that are the margins of talent in professional golf.

Latinos in the field

Mexican Flag in the Masters

Other Notes

Gaby Lopez took Top 10 in the tournament champions of the LPGA.

La Máquina, the amateur who apparently paid to play a Web event last year where he burst rounds of 93 and 105, made and paid for his own commercial on TV.

Hosung Choi, the sensation of the Tour of Asia, was invited to the Pebble Beach tournament.

Gonzalo Fernández Castaño threw a stone via twitter to Symon Dyson, accusing him of cheating under the old rules of not being able to repair your line on the green.

New podcast with professional player Oscar Serna.

The conspiracy theory of the PR campaign to make the Players the 5th Major is still alive.