Golf Profiles: Guido Vidotto

Argentina is still one of the leaders in Latin America in producing figures in golf, both professional players such as Don Roberto de Vicenzo (RIP) and the winner of two MajorsÁngel Cabrera, golf teachers like Hernán Rey and professors who are also full-time caddies like Pepa Campra.

Precisely from Argentina, a young golf coach has started his career in teaching learning the best of the trade. Guido Vidotto, originally from Chascomus, Buenos Aires works at the Hernán Rey Golf Academy, based in Orlando, Florida. Guido has had the opportunity to train professionals of the stature of Emiliano Grillo and Fabrizio Zanotti as well as amateur team members in Argentina and others who compete at a high level.

Guido started playing golf at 13 years old and he instantly fell in love with the sport. "At 14 I took a handicap and fell in love with the sport, with two years to finish the school I met Hernán who helped me get a scholarship to the United States." Vidotto commented.

In 2014, he began his collegiate career with the Wildcats of the Johnson & Wales University in Florida. That's where he has an illustrious career and he receives a degree in business management with honors Summa Cum Laude for good grades.

In his career-class he sowed two titles, the first triumph as freshman, and a couple of years Then in Conference what gave him the chance to compete in Nationals.

On the challenge of a student Guido comments on how he grew as a person: "If you asked me if I would do it again, I would do it again because you first grow as a person. Always staying away from family and friends is a challenge to form you as a person or as a professional ... always something you will learn and something can be rescued from everything. "

On his way to teaching Guido comments that" I always had a passion for learning ... an analytical eye that was also many times what deprived me of playing well golf that within what is golf you have to learn to summarize and many times I sinned for that, because I liked to learn some technical concept of more. "

In golf there is a huge difference between those who know internalize and those who can also externalize the knowledge of a movement as complex as degolf swing. Guido has been clear that teaching is his profession.

"I think that Hernánvio that in me, and when I was about to receive, I did not have the security or the confidence to dedicate myself to playing as a professional but I did have I was fully confident in what I liked, teaching. "

Thus, Guido begins to work in the academy of Hernán Rey, one of the most recognized golf coaches in Latin America of which Vidotto has learned a lot.

"One of the most important facets of a coach is to learn all the possible knowledge, but at the same time understand what type of player you are working to simplify and the player understands the message, because not all of us learn from the the same way, because some who learn by sensation some who learn visually, verbally, ... that's coaching more than anything. "

Little by little, Guido's achievements as a professional in teaching are impressive for a young uncoach.

Continuous learning is key in any field, and Vidotto is clear about it. He currently holds Trackman, Boditrak, K-Motion, US Kids, and Capto Golf certifications.