7 tips to enjoy a Golf event to the fullest

Golf is unique since the event takes place in 18 fields simultaneously, so It is easier to follow the action from the television - especially the conclusion of the tournament. So the first thing you have to keep in mind is that you are going to miss exciting moments - the FOMO in the event is complicated but an irremediable reality.

It can touch you that the tournament is defined on the 16th hole and already in 18 the leader arrives with several strokes of advantage and ensures his victory easily. Or you can also play decisive putts and even a playoff definition - it's a lot of luck.

Another important question is that, in general, people disproportionately follow the most popular players, those who most of the tournaments are grouped in "featured groups" on Thursdays and Fridays to maximize television time.

In the same way, groups usually leave in two waves the first two days, in the morning and in the afternoon. More or less from 7am to 9am there are groups from hole 1 and from 10 - and it is not until around 12pm at 2pm that the field for the second wave of players is cleared.

With this in mind, here are some good tips for you to take advantage of your experience. By the way, these tips are for fans who want to appreciate golf - if you want to hit the jar all day, these tips are not for you. The tip # 7 is my favorite and most despised.

Tip # 1: Comfortable shoes

Leave the flip flops in the house, if you want to follow the action closely you will have to walk on grass most of the time. If you have well-ventilated tennis or are water resistant, better, because the grass can be a little wet from the morning dew.

Tip # 2: Towel to sit on

If you want to sit in some today and see several groups, I recommend a chair or a towel so you are comfortable. Do not forget the blocker either.

Tip # 3: Go early

Especially if you want to see players like Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, Phil Mickelson, among others, your best chances are to see them early on Thursday or Friday. Friday at noon is when events start to fill up as people leave work early.

Tip # 4: See players paste driver

There's nothing better than watching the longer hitters hit driver behind the tee. In general, look for a par 5 or a par 4 where you can be located immediately behind the tee and that is a hole where most of the players hit the driver.

Watch the groups with the most popular players and Camp in this place in advance so that when the groups arrive with players like Dustin Johnson or Bubba Watson, you will see them hit the driver with the best perspective.

Tip # 5: See blows behind from the tee of a par 3

In the same way, I recommend camping behind the tee of a par 3 in advance. It seems to me better to see the tee shot instead of watching the action from the green because you hear the talk between players and caddies about the choice of the club and type of shot.

Tip # 6: See to the players to warm up

Very interesting to see the exercises and drills of heating on the green, the chips and from the range. You get to appreciate the different personalities of the players, for example, Billy Horschel talks constantly with everyone and Dustin Johnson sticks wedges for a very long time. It's worth taking the time.

Tip # 7: Follow a group from start to finish

My favorite tip. Choose a group of unknown middle players and follow them from start to finish.In addition to knowing the field with luxury detail, you can follow the action without having to battle with the crowds that follow the best known players.

My favorite part is that you can appreciate how these players come to baste a round under par or how they manage a round with everything and bad shots and with the recovery shots needed - besides the mental aspect they have.

As an anecdote, I had to follow Daniel Summerhays from start to finish on a Thursday at the Memorial in 2017, where he shot 66. I saw his birdies but I also appreciated how he saved pair during his round to sign his card. I was the only one to follow your group ... first row to see a score of 66!

As a conclusion

If you choose to follow a very popular player, you will have to battle with the crowds that follow him and will have limited perspective of his shots, but if it is what they seek, go ahead.

By the way, the most important thing is that you have to be educated, in golf you have to encourage the players and keep quiet while they execute their shots. It's not wrestling, so behave yourself.