15, for now

Tiger Woods took his 5th green jacket and his 15th Major, reliving the threat of reaching and surpassing the record held by Jack Nicklaus of 18 majors.

But this triumphant game of golf is one of the best stories in the sporting world of all time.

Tiger has had an infinity of injuries and problems with the medics due to multiple operations. . But what makes this story so important is the arc of his life and career. Nobody has had such a steep fall from glory to pain in the public eye.

It took years to recover their health, but what remains is their talent and mental ability to reinvent themselves and triumph again. Here are some trump keys that stand out:

Tactical management

Tiger knew what he had to do to win. If we go to the history of previous tournaments in interviews, TW has always been very accurate in predicting the score that wins the tournament - a unique quality that was captured on Sunday.

TW gave us a tactical coach - he knew where a bogey did not hurt him and where with par or birdieganaba land - and so planned his round very carefully.

Patience and energy management

At your age, I was careful to take stock of how much energy you have, both macro and micro.

Augusta National was central in the management of your calendar since the end of the season the year passed to date.

And during the Sunday, he was never seen either excited or very agitated - always conserving energy.

Without a coach

It can not be overlooked that this triumph occurred without a coach. At this time of his career he is his best coach - although in reality his instructors in the past have done more the role of guides than instructors.

Generation that he created

Golf is unique In the aspect that TW faced a legion of players that he inspired. The Brooks, the Xanders, the Finaus - everyone grew up watching Tiger.

This litter of players, like Tiger Woods, beat him away, they have round games, and sonatletas.

On Sunday TW showed that his mental and tactical genius differentiate him.

Dose of luck

You can not stop thinking that the stars always have to align. Due to the weather, the departures went ahead and came out in groups of three. If they had been twosomes, Tiger would not have been in the final group, would not have played the 12th hole after seeing Molinari wet his ball, which brings us to ...

The moment of Sunday

Of all the pictures, my favorite was the 12th hole when Tiger walked to the green while Molinariy Finau dropped. TW left his friendly side and set his competitive mode. From the green he gave a challenging look as if to say "I won this Masters."

In conclusion

A week ago, nobody talked about Jack Nicklaus' record. Today, it is a reality that, if it is maintained with health, it can be achieved or exceeded.

Tiger understands that Majors and golf in general are percentages. The more chances you have, the more opportunities you will have to convert those Sundays into contention in triumphs.