About Millwood Golf Course

Millwood Sale Extension Update : They are OPEN!

They are OPEN for the 2018 Season and will stay open until mid September. We will be running our Co-ed Wednesday Night League, Thursday Morning Women's League, and Monday Night Women's League. We will also have an informal Tuesday Morning Men's group. Check out the League page for more information. We are still accepting new members for all of our leagues! 

Friday Morning Golf Special
Begins this Friday: June 8th
Flat Rate Includes:
Your Greens Fee, Gas Cart, Lunch, & a Beverage
Available for Tee Times Before Noon

Tuesday Men's Group: 8am
Beginning May 15th, we will be holding a weekly informal Tuesday Morning Men's group at 8am. No commitment is required, just come on over if you are looking to meet other local golfers to play with. There will be no scoring, just fun!

Rates have not increased from last year. Twilight Golf begins at 6pm, 7 days a week.  



Doug M.

Sadly Millwood GC closed permanently on 9/16/18.  Though it had some flaws - it was close by, inexpensive and easy to get on.  Millwood did much over the years to give back to the community.  You'll be missed Millwood Golf Course.


Henry P.

Hmmm... I started golfing in '01, when I was at Genzyme in Framingham ...used to play StoneyBrook off of 30, but a guy I worked with loved to go to Millwood. Odd course. Back then it was 14 holes. I heard they were going to close to building condos. Long and open course; Dufferville. Pay at the shed and hurry golf. Nothing too memorable about it.


Wei-Fu T.

I would give this place 0 stars if I could.  I was trying to walk the course on a really not busy day - at the time I showed up no one was on the tee box in front of me.  The guy working the pro shop (if you could call it that - its just a shack) was really rude and not welcoming at all.  They also have weird rules like non-golfers are not welcome on the course, which they strictly enforce, meaning they will actually kick you off the course in a really rude way.The course itself is a total dump - the tee boxes are the worst Ive seen in New England - basically dirt mounds with tiny patches of grass, fairways are average for a public course and greens are not well maintained. Also, who wants to play 14 holes - they should try to open up the course and make a nicer 9.The greens fees are really cheap, but I would much rather spend an extra couple bucks to walk the 9 at Sassamon Trace.


Sean J.

You get what you pay for at Millwood. It's only 14 holes, but it is decently long and challenging so it can feel like 18 at some times. It's not at all expensive to play, but you're not getting a world renowned course or anything like that. I would say that the course is in decent shape in June/July...but anytime outside of that it can fall into really rough shape with flooding before that and burnt out fairways and greens after that.It's not a bad course for beginners or those who just want to putz around. Great for a quick, inexpensive round but nothing to write home about.


Bijou V.

I've been playing at Millwood for about 10 years. This is a great local spot for golfing. It only has 14 holes. People always give me a funny look when I tell them that but I believe the story is while building the course, the remaining holes were cited as conservation land and had they had to stop at 14. Anyway, you can easily walk this course, pull cart rentals available. You can also rent a golf cart. The "Pro-Shop" is a small hut near the 1st hole stocked with small snacks, cold non-alcoholic drinks, tees, balls, hats etc. The course is mainly flat, a few hills here and there, a few ponds which make it a little more challenging. I personally love this course. My favorite is the Weeping Willow trees located between the 11th and 12th holes..it's picturesque. I'm very familiar with the course and it still challenges me every time I go. If you are thinking of doing a golf event here, this is a great place to be. Granted there are no drink carts going around or anything. There is a hut at the 14th hole that provides regular and alcoholic drinks, not to mention good after golf food such as hotdogs and burgers. There is a nice outdoor patio outside the hut with chairs and umbrella tables so you can enjoy the weather and the food. The staff is very friendly, they remember you and get to know you everytime you come. The course has gone through many renovations all to improve the look of the course. It has come a long way and if you haven't been in a while, it's time to drop by again. Last but not least the price is reasonable. .00 for a round of golf and that is the weekend rate. I'm not sure how much the rental rates are but I believe a golf cart is around -18. Always call ahead to make a tee time. My highest recommendations if you are learning or just starting to play golf and want to experience something more than a 3-par course.**Update! They have added drink carts woohoo!**